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ADESTRAPP is a portable camera that transmits live video through an APP allowing you to rewind the play and watch it repeated in real time on any mobile or tablet.

It facilitates technical-tactical correction to coaches, analysts and football players or any other sport, creating video cuts in real time.

(It is essential to have the ADESTRapp camera, which can be purchased in the “Contact” section).


Record your training or your sports competitions with ADESTRApp . You can use several devices for different angels.


Improve the players’ learning by instant visual feedback on an iPad or tablet using ADESTRapp in your trainings.


Correct with ADESTRapp the individual, group or collective actions just after performing the technical-tactical tasks.


Review and improve the training of rehearsed plays and set pieces on the field. Train your match plan with ADESTRapp.

  • ADESTRapp allows you to capture the images of the matches in real time and transmit them from the stands to the bench with a configurable delay. Also, it makes it possible to edit the selected video sequences.

  • It is a tool aimed at technical-tactical assistance for the coaching staff during matches and allows a direct connection with the analyst.

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