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ADESTRapp is a video-analysis system for the control of performance during matches

  • ADESTRapp allows you to capture the images of the matches in real time and transmit them from the stands to the bench with a configurable delay. It also makes it possible to edit the selected video sequences.

  • It is a tool aimed at tactical assistance for the coaching staff during matches that allows a direct connection with the analyst.


  • Real-time video-analysis system: able to capture images of the matches and allow them to be analyzed in real time. It offers a video view with delay, possibility of rewinding and pausing of image, labeling and video filtering for the search.

  • Multi-device: Tablet, iPad, mobile, laptop. With Android and iOS versions.

  • Multiaccess: with simultaneous access of multiple users, each one with its own video editing, real-time access, recording or backward mode.

  • Low camera investment: with possibility of FullHD.

  • Multi-camera version: it allows to have up to 4 cameras in operation.

  • Quick display

  1. Wireless technology.

  2. No point of energy is necessary. Over 6 hours autonomy.

  3. No internet access or WiFi is necessary for local operation (cameras with autonomous processing).


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