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Simplicity and revolution

The power of Adestrapp lies in its simplicity and supposes a revolution in the field of sports software for coaches and professional analysts.

Using up to 4 Adestrapp cameras simultaneously you can see, draw, save and share any relevant move or event on any of the tablets or iPads of the members of the coaching staff.

HD Recording

30 fps (frames per second)

Long battery life

Interchangeable lenses

Integrated 2.4 Ghz WIFI

Possibility of connection to LAN network (by cable)

Standard stand for tripod

Up to 4 simultaneous cameras recording

Display on several devices at once

Organize videos using labels

Making cuts automatically or manually

Associate text notes to the different cuts

Touch whiteboard on streaming video

Send video cuts to the bench from the stands

Easy to use

Agile display “plug&play”

No need to internet connection

Own wireless technology

Available in IOS, Android and web version

Automated updates

Tested in the best leagues in the world

Used by elite athletes

It can be used in any sport

Affordable price

Phone: +34 662 278 478