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26 Diciembre, 2015

ADESTRapp developed by the Spanish company Balidea has been used by different types of sports teams: RC Deportivo (play in the spanish first division "La Liga"),Santiago Futsal, Beach Soccer FC Barcelona, ​​CD As Pontes and Judo club Coruña.Likewise, it has also been used as a support system to arbitration at the International Judo Tournament Aviles, with more than 1,500 participants judokas.

ADESTRapp is a product of capture, transmission and video analysis applied to environments of competition, training and arbitration. Allows custom video editing, allowing each user individually manage pictures: repetition, rewind, speed, zoom, see the after-image, etc. as well as perform cutting videos of interest for later download and storage.
Another key feature is that it is a fully autonomous system, which requires no wiring of any kind, since it is powered independently and works through wireless technology itself. These features, in addition to its small size and weight (just 400 grams and the size of a cell), makes it a device very simple installation and use in multiple environments: training, competitive game helps to arbitration, etc.
Lets you capture images of the games in real time and transmit them from the stands to the bench with a configurable delay. In addition to "insitu" also allows editing of selected video on the delay. A whole could be considered a tactical assistance tool oriented to coaching during matches.

ADESTRapp is the result of collaboration between Balidea and teachers of the Faculty of Sport Science and Physical Education INEF Galicia, the University of A Coruña, Angel Vales and Alberto Areces professors from this University, through an advisory agreement technical and scientific for the development of computer-based tools for monitoring and control of competitive performance, signed by both parts in January 2015.

Success Stories
ADESTRapp has been tested in various environments of training and competition. Last November 21, the R C Deportivo in the derby against Celta de Vigo, used for the first time in official competition ADESTRapp system, using it again in the game last weekend against Sevilla C.F. Thus, in real time, the coaching staff at R. C. Deportivo, could receive information of its analysts, with video clips captured from own cameras at the stadium.

However, the first environment in which we have used the system was ADESTRapp beach soccer, through the figure of Ramiro Amarelle, one of the best players in the history of the sport and actually coaching F.C. Barcelona. Amarelle has participated from the beginning of the project in the definition and validation of the functionality of the same. Since then has been using the Football Training version in the various activities of beach soccer continues to develop, such as RA10 Campus School, participates tournaments where F.C. Barcelona beach soccer and training activities by FIFA. In palmares of Ramiro Amarelle include many titles, such as World Championship runner, best player in the world and MVP of the Beach Soccer World Cup, champion of the Euro Beach Soccer League, two Italian leagues, 2 cups of Italy, as well as multiple individual awards.

Moreover, another sport in which the use of ADESTRapp has been very successful has been the Judo. In this sense, in terms of training, the Judo Club Coruña, one of the gyms reference of the sport within the Spanish and international, began using this test system last summer, allowing students to display their training in real time, using a screen installed in the gym where the delayed image is displayed several seconds for the judokas can view the exercises at the same time able to complete.

In addition, in the past International Tournament Villa de Aviles Judo, the biggest tournament of this sport in Spain, in which more than 1,500 judokas, this system was used as an aid to arbitration, capturing the attention of the French Judo Federation.
The Santiago Futsal, Honor Division team sponsored by Balidea, is another team that uses ADESTRapp system currently in your workouts.
Finally, returning to the football field, another team from early season has employed this system of video-analysis, both in training and in competition matches has been the D.C. As Pontes, who currently fifth in Group I Third Division, and is trained by Pablo López, one of the promoters of this project.

About Balidea
Balidea is a company in the Information Technology and Communication that offers consulting, development and integration of software, specialized training and technology outsourcing and Servizos ICT sector. Currently has 180 professionals located in his offices of Santiago, A Coruña, Vigo, Leon, Bilbao and Copenhagen, developing projects in Spain, as in Denmark, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Balidea has a historical commitment to the sport by sponsoring.

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