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This technology for the analysis of sports stands on two pillars:

  • an essential capture device included in all plans, sized as mobiles and offering broad autonomy (it has a battery with an estimated twenty hours duration, and does not use access to the Internet or local networks) capturing video of sporting activities and sending by a wide-ranging signal the same device creates, allowing smartphones and tablets enabled to receive real time. As extra is possible to use multiple capture devices simultaneously.
  • the other essential pillar consists of the Adestrapp plan software acquired, installable on smartphones and tablets, both Android and IOS, which allows them all simultaneously and independently of each other viewing and editing real-time video for analysis (using dependent plan options as decide the playback speed, time delay, automation cuts, etc) as well as the possibility in some plans to store the desired for editing and further analysis or to share moments fragments of interest. Regarding the latter, it also has the possibility to save text and voice notes associated with moments of interest.

ADESTRapp has proved a valuable tool in many situations:

  • in technical development activities helping athletes and coaches to discern errors and possible improvements
  • allowing a global vision in team sports with which ratify successes and to detect failures to correct, during training and even facilitating real-time tactical decisions in the heat of competition
  • helping coaches of young athletes to make them understand how making better trainings
  • in sports arbitration facilitating the task with its functions of delay and speed reduction
  • and a long list of situations, because although originally ADESTRapp born to apply in football, based on this technology have been developed several specific applications for different sports areas. In each of these versions of the application that accesses the device-specific functionality incorporated and adapted to the sport or environment where wanted to use the technology.
  • BALIDEA continues to evolve different versions of ADESTRApp and developing new according to the indications of sports consultants and partners involved in this project. Today ADESTRapp plans available are:

ADESTRapp in the SANTANDER league. The most pestigious in the world


ADESTRapp has been tested in the first division of Spanish football, the SANTANDER league.

In its more professional version the different versions of the system allow to be used in environments of high saturation and long distance between the recording device and the viewing device. This has allowed teams like the R.C. Deportivo de La Coruña, Betis, Leganés, Levante C.F., Rayo Vallecano, Athletic de Bilbao...to use ADESTRapp in different games of the SANTANDER league.


Adestrapp, the technology serving main sport

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FOOTBALL training
Intended to apply in daily workouts for coaches to correct insitu aspects to improve. These may be on strategic issues, positioning equipment ... or be used for individual technical aspects, especially for the improvement of the porters with specific features for them. This plan contains a basic software for receiving devices that allows viewing and making cuts in videos.
In its professional version ADESTRapp allows viewing the bench for the entire field images, captured from a high area, being possible to see them with delay and make cutting on them. Allows real-time display and delay, tag videos, voice memos, applicability of strategies, downloading videos ... and all in high concurrency environments of people. This plan contains the software MATCH (management team, board tactics, voice memos and multicamera)

ADESTRapp enables quickly improvement in technical discipline such as golf, ranging from learning stage to advanced professional level

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GOLF training
Repetition of blows and improvement of the position and striking technique lead directly to the handicap for each golfer. The ability to view the frames and the sequence of scrimmage with reduced speed during the workout itself without altering the training plan allows for greater improvement in less time, for that this plan allows viewing options and trim video.
GOLF professional
In its professional version ADESTRapp includes MATCH software, which in addition to the features of the "training" version adds tournament management, voice memos and multicamera

ADESTRapp has demonstrated very positive results in the world of martial arts, from the formation of new talents, through the preparation of all level competitors and even as a useful tool for both judges and coaches arrived tournaments

JUDO training
The system can display the training sequences with a preset delay, for visualization and evaluation exercises in moments of rest without affecting the time of the exercise.
JUDO referee
With a more complete software that "training", this version also includes: fighting and tatami management, voice memos and multicamera. All this although it is an interesting tool for any club is especially useful for the work of arbitration
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