R.C. Deportivo A Coruña acquires a new ADESTRapp for its lower categories

05 December, 2016
R.C. Deportivo A Coruña acquires a new ADESTRapp for its lower categories

On Monday, November 28, our consultant Pablo López, coach of U-18 of Real Club Deportivo, made a presentation of ADESTRapp for the technicians of the Corunna club. He also gave training on the occasion of the acquisition by the club of a new ADESTRapp device developed by Balidea, which will be used in games and training of its lower categories.

In this way, the R.C. Deportivo completes the use of ADESTRapp in all its formations, from the first team to the base, that is, from the 1st division, passing through 3rd, where the Fabril is, women's teams, youth teams, cadets , Infantile, fry, benjamines ... until a total of 14 sets.

1st division technology within range

As Pablo Lopez comments, "in the lower categories ADESTRapp is very useful for obtaining instant feedback in both matches and in training; Coaches can stop more with the kids to correct, reinforce positively and reaffirm good game behavior. "

In addition, a video editing with this tool will be made to keep the work sections and training sessions archived, which will serve as a repository of audiovisual material for players and teams. In the higher categories coaches consider the tool fundamental during matches, as it allows to correct mistakes, tactics and strategies in situ, which gives them a competitive advantage during the match.

In general, it is a very versatile tool for both real-time work and later analysis thanks to its multiple functionalities, ranging from viewing with a configurable delay, to the possibility of zooming on the image, to create networks between devices Wireless way to share information, have a drawing panel on the images or make annotations of text on edited videos.