José L. Sánchez: "ADESTRapp facilitates control of training and competition in an efficient and simple way”

18 November, 2016
José L. Sánchez: "ADESTRapp facilitates control of training and competition in an efficient and simple way”

José Luis Sánchez Vera is co-director of the Professional Scouting Higher Course, an official title of Camilo José Cela University, which has started its third edition this week and is sponsored by ADESTRapp and Balidea. His daily work as head of the Department of Analysis and Performance of the Athletic Academy of Madrid and as Tactical Analyst of Club Atletico de Madrid endorse his experience to head this course, which seeks to offer high quality training oriented to professional football. Its high demand and waiting lists in previous editions have promoted the opening of a new headquarters this year. Among his presentations will be a group of experts of the highest level, including a demonstration of ADESTRapp in which Ramiro Amarelle, the most awarded beach soccer player in the world, will participate. José L. Sánchez speaks about this in this interview.

How was the Superior Course of Scouting in Professional Football born?
It arises from the concerns that my partner and partner Diego Pérez and I have regarding a professional profile that we both had the opportunity to live.

All these ideas to grow, to make known our work, to improve, so that there are more and more professionals of analysis with which to be able to enrich us took us to prepare this course.

Explain to us what it is and to whom it is addressed.
This course is specially designed for all those who show interest in this field of analysis, with all that it entails, since it does not focus exclusively on tactical analysts, but we value all its possibilities of development within what today are The multidisciplinary technical bodies. It is an advanced course where a high percentage of attendees currently have some kind of professional or amateur link with the subject of analysis.

The course consists of seven papers spread over seven months. Each one has a duration of three hours and its contents are exclusive to us, as they are very well defined by our academic department towards the speakers we are going to receive. The final part of the course revolves around a practical project of analysis.

What is the total number of students and where is it developed in this edition?
In this section I can not start in a different way than by thanking all those who have already trusted us and have gone through our first two editions, since we are talking about about 110 students. Already during the second edition we had to maintain a waiting list of about 30 interested people who could not access. All this meant that for this edition we had the opening of a new headquarters located in Seville, with which we intend and start the same steps that we carried out in Madrid in our first edition.

Therefore, we started in Seville with a small group of 20 students that allows us to draw conclusions and concerns. To reach this level of training we want to arrive in a very direct and personal way in the training we give, just as the level of speakers and content are the same as those that will be discussed in Madrid.

If that demand continues to increase, will more seats be opened?
Our intention is not to grow in number of venues, but to place strategically three or four venues at national level and even with international expansion, but all of them maintain the same training pattern and speakers.

At the headquarters of Madrid in this edition we will have 65 students. We stand out and we hope to be able to continue growing in the coming year, since for this year the waiting list of interested students who have not arrived in time to reserve place has multiplied almost by 6 with respect to the second edition.

What professional experts can we find among the speakers of this III Superior Scouting Course?
During the first two editions we have already had several professionals who have given the course a jump and a very important national relevance. For us it is a pride to have the facilities that these great professionals put us who are ready to add their bit and exchange experiences and knowledge in our days. People like Luis Llopis, the Club Atlético de Madrid ...

For this third edition we have confirmed the attendance of Xavier Ruiz, an analyst at the Royal Society; Luis Martínez, an analyst at Málaga CF; Patricia González, Adrián Espárraga, Víctor Paredes or Gonzalo Antolín, among others.

ADESTRapp will also have its space in the course, what would you highlight of this tool? What sets it apart from other video analytics applications?
After using it on a daily basis in our professional work I can highlight the multiple possibilities that gives us in our day to day. Working with this device makes it easier for us to control training and competition in an efficient and simple way, without having to have an excessive amount of material. It would also emphasize its easy installation and the quick access to the work of analysis and obtaining of image, video and frame.

How do you think you can help course students and analysts in general?
We have decided to introduce ADESTRapp in the planning of the course since we value its great utility in professional and non-professional football. It can approach us all to work in a methodological way that allows us to have the results of analysis that we are looking for. We want our students to know this tool and present their different job possibilities that are already under way by some teams of the Santander League.

In the particular case of the III Superior Scouting Course, what can ADESTrapp bring?
The tool will provide us with a methodological concept of new work, the possibility of accessing some instantaneous control of training moments and situations in competition with a platform of recent appearance that has much to say and offer to all professionals of This field that we are going to meet in the course. We consider that it is an application accessible to all and with a capacity to adapt to our very large needs. It can be a tool that we handle in our day to day.

Why have you decided on ADESTRapp as one of the tools to use and display in the course?
We believe in the development carried out by the company Balidea and in the concerns it has to bring its product to our professional field. Its development is very related to the interests to know that includes the learning process that we intend to carry out with our course.