Atlético de Madrid incorporates ADESTRapp as a video analysis tool

27 April, 2017
Atlético de Madrid incorporates ADESTRapp as a video analysis tool

Since the beggining of the season Atlético de Madrid has incorporated ADESTRapp, a product by the company Balidea, as their reference tool for the analysis of video in situ. The Analysis department of the club thus has a system that allows them to perform analysis and video cuts in real time, with or without delay, transmit them online and all the features incorporated by ADESTRapp, both in training and in matches of several teams of the Club.
The implementation of Adestrapp in Atlético de Madrid has entailed a fixed installation in the Wanda Sports City of Atlético de Madrid, located in Cerro del Espino, in addition to having portable devices for its autonomous use in any other sports facility, when acting as a visitor.

Jose Luis Sánchez Vera, head of the analysis department of the club, emphasizes that "the tool brings us an innovative methodological concept, the possibility of accessing some instant control of training moments and situations in competition." It should be noted that, in the competition environment, this tool allows them to perform a much faster and more agile analysis of match situations with the aim of being able to correct them immediately. The system is being used systematically in the B team, the women's team and the different teams of lower categories. In addition, an integrated video capture and analysis system has been implemented in the Wanda Sports City of Atlético de Madrid, which gives permanent coverage to all of its fields.

ADESTRapp in the world
This system developed by the Galician company Balidea is becoming one of the reference tools for video analysis in the world of football. Many clubs from different countries are adopting it as a key instrument for technical and tactical work.
Among these clubs can be highlighted, in addition to Atlético de Madrid, R.C. Deportivo, R. Betis, C.D. Leganés or Málaga C.F. of the Spanish 1st Division. In addition, it has already been integrated by other clubs of different foreign leagues like C.F. Pachuca from Mexico, CONCACAF Champions League finalist, Shanghai Shenhua from the Chinese Super League, as well as top clubs from Russia, Australia, Argentina, Denmark, Israel and Uruguay.
It has also been used successfully in other sports, such as basketball in the ACB league by the Obradoiro, in futsal by Al Nasr Dubai or in beach soccer by the hand of Ramiro Amarelle.

About ADESTRapp
ADESTRapp (www.adestrapp.com) is a video capture, transmission and analysis product applied to competition, training and arbitration environments. It allows the personalized editing of videos, which allows each user to individually manage images: replays, rewind, speed, zoom, view the video delayed, etc., as well as make cuts of their interest for later download and storage.
Another fundamental characteristic is that it is a totally autonomous system, which does not require any type of wiring, neither for the electrical power nor for the connection with the device. These characteristics, in addition to its small size and weight (just 400 grams and the size of a mobile), makes it a very simple installation and use device in multiple environments: training, competitive match, aid to arbitration, etc.

About Balidea
Balidea (www.balidea.com) is a company in the Information and Communication Technologies sector that offers consulting services, software development and integration, specialized training and outsourcing of technology and ICT services. It currently employs close to 200 professionals, located in its offices in Santiago, A Coruña, Vigo, Ourense, Bilbao and Copenhagen, developing projects in Spain, Denmark, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
Balidea has a historical commitment to the sport, sponsoring in the last years various events and teams of football, indoor soccer, beach soccer, paddle and judo.