ADESTRapp and Balidea sponsor the III Superior Course of Scouting in Soccer

17 November, 2016
ADESTRapp and Balidea sponsor the III Superior Course of Scouting in Soccer

This week, last Wednesday, was presented in Madrid the third edition of the Superior Course of Scouting in Soccer, organized by the University Camilo José Cela and the Professional Technical Corps of Soccer (Soccer CTP) and which is sponsored by ADESTRapp and Balidea.

Leading the inauguration of the course was one of its directors, José Luis Sánchez, of the Atletico de Madrid club, who apologized for the absence of teammate Diego Pérez of Monaco, French 1st division team, who could not attend for their commitments with his new club. Other representatives of professional football, contributors and sponsors were also present, among them Pablo López Vidal, consultant of ADESTRapp and Balidea, and Diego Arias Mourelle, director of Development and ICT Production of Balidea.

The Master is specially designed for coaches, scouters, analysts and soccer coaches and will be developed during seven months, from November to May, with seven face-to-face sessions developed by a group of experts of the highest professional level in football. These presentations include a demonstration of ADESTRapp, in which Ramiro Amarelle, the most awarded beach soccer player in the world, is one of the most important ambassadors of the sport video analysis tool developed by Balidea. In addition, the training program includes 45 hours for the development of a final project.

The analyst as part of a multidisciplinary team

The Scouting Course thus reaches its third edition with a great reception, exhausting all its places for the third consecutive year and even with waiting list, which has led them to inaugurate a new headquarters in Seville, in the Colegio Santa Joaquina de Vedruna , Who will lead Luis Piñedo, physical trainer of Atletico Madrid B.

During his presentation, José Luis Sánchez, co-director of the course, recalled his first edition with only 35 students and stressed that he has already reached 180. "We are already beginning to be an important source in the subject of analysis thanks to all the students who have bet For us, "he said. For his part, Luis Piñedo told how he only sat for one year among the students of the master's degree, confessed that "he had taken advantage of and learned a lot" and that now he voluntarily launched himself to take charge of the Seville headquarters.

The objective of this official university degree is to offer quality training oriented to soccer of professional performance and centered on the figure of the analyst as part of a multidisciplinary team and as a key factor for technical, tactical and results improvement. For this he will have among his speakers with Óscar Caro Muñoz, physical trainer of the Spanish Football Team; Víctor Paredes, physical trainer of Rayo Vallecano; Antolín Gonzalo Martín, responsible for scouting the Spanish team; Javier González López; Óscar Fernández Romero, Atletico de Madric B coach; Adrián Espárraga, scouter of Real Betis Balompié; Xavier Ruiz de Ocenda, scouter of the Royal Society; Or Patricia Gonzalez, former coach of Azerbaijan's U19 women's team.

Tele Boadilla broadcast live the presentation. Here we leave the link to the complete video:
Presentation of the IIICurso Superior of Scouting in Soccer

(In the image, from left to right: Jorge García Valera, Jose Luis Sánchez, Ramiro Amarelle, Pablo López Vidal, Diego Arias and Luis Piñedo)