Improve, refine and correct thanks to real time videos and their revision during the competition or training session

TRAININGReview and progress
ARBITRATIONMaking the best decision
COMPETITIONDecide during the games
STREAMINGAccess remote broadcasts

What is Adestrapp?

ADESTRAPP is a product of capture, transmission and analysis of video applied to environments of competition, training and arbitration.


It allows to transmit and analyze the images in real time and the specific movements of each sport. Its technology allows to adapt its basic functionalities to any sport activity.

This technology for the analysis of sports activities is based on two fundamental pillars:

  • An essential capture device included in all plans, the size of a mobile and offering wide autonomy (it has a battery with an estimated duration of ten hours, and does not use Internet access or local data networks) capturing in video sports activities and sending that capture by means of a signal of wide scope that the same device creates, allowing that enabled smartphones and tablets can receive it in real time. As an extra, there is the possibility of using several capture devices simultaneously.
  • The other essential pillar consists of the Adestrapp software of the acquired plan, installable in smartphones and tablets, both Android and IOS, which allows in all of them simultaneously and independently of each other the real time visualization and editing of the video for analysis (Using options depending on the plan such as: decide the playback speed, delay time, automation of cuts, etc.) as well as the possibility of storing the desired fragments for later editing and analysis or for sharing the moments of greatest interest . On the latter, there is also the possibility of storing text and voice notes associated with the recordings.

ADESTRAPP HAS PROVEN to be a VALUABLE A TOOL in several situations:

A R&D project by Balidea, idea's factory

  • In technical improvement activities helping athletes and coaches to discern errors and possible improvements
  • Allowing a global vision in team sports with which to ratify hits and detect failures to correct, both in the training phase and facilitating tactical decisions in real time in full competition
  • Making valid the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" in the indications of sports teachers to students of short ages

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Operation and characteristics of Adestrapp

A wireless device, mobile, without the need of electrical connection and with its own Wi-Fi. It allows capturing and transmitting the images in real time and incorporates the ability to customize a delay.


Record thanks to Adestrapp your training or your sport competitions. It supports even the option of using multiple cameras


Access to video in real time or with delay. Check your recordings and annotations from your mobile device


Edit in real time any movement or exercise you want to study in detail.

For every sports


Adestrapp is a revolution in the field of high-level sport, providing a unique perspective for athletes with their multicamera system as well as its software integration capable of slowing the action in an agile way during recording.

Technical specifications (Hardware)
  • 5 MP camera.
  • 30 frames per second.
  • HD Recording, .MP4 - Codec H.264.
  • Built-in 7200 mA batteries.
  • Interchangeable lenses.
  • Integrated 2.4 Ghz WIFI.
  • Posibility of connection to LAN network.
  • Memory of 16Gb.
  • Standard stand for tripod.
  • Support bracket for own camera.

  • Multi-device, up to four.
  • Multiuser.
  • No internet connection required.
  • Wireless technology.
  • Economic.

characteristic of the deployment (software)
  • Fast deployment.
  • Available on IOS and Android.
  • Automatic updates.

ADESTRapp in the SANTANDER league. The most pestigious in the world


ADESTRapp has been tested in the first division of Spanish football, the SANTANDER league.

In its more professional version the different versions of the system allow to be used in environments of high saturation and long distance between the recording device and the viewing device. This has allowed teams like the R.C. Deportivo de La Coruña, Betis, Leganés, Levante C.F., Rayo Vallecano, Atletic de Bilbao... have used ADESTRapp in different games of the SANTANDER league


Specific APPs for each sport

More generally generic version adaptable to different environments training or competition. Allows you to configure from 1 to 4 devices and access the option of live viewing or delay configurable in each one. Recording and cutting videos. Allows discharge of made cuts .

From 499 € + taxes

ADESTRapp STREAMING will allow access to sports competitions remotely through web browsing or the use of mobile devices. Access remotely to sports content that you can not go to. High quality and low cost of implementation. If you want to broadcast your sport event through this system, contact us.

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FOOTBALL ADESTRapp allows full-field image visualization, real-time and delayed visualization, video tagging, voice notes, strategy applicability ... and all in highly crowded environments.

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In this sport of specialization par excellence, the repetition of the blows and improvement of the position and technique of beating directly result in the handicap of each golfer.
GOLF ADESTRapp offers the possibility to visualize the frames and the sequence of beating with reduced speed during the own training without altering its plan allowing a greater improvement in less time.

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Arbitration in Judo requires complex decision making during the fighting, for this we offer JUDO ADESTRapp:
Through the review of the images of the combat in those points that can generate doubts, the most correct decision can be made. This technology is also a valuable tool for the formation and training of judokas

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Success stories

In the short time that leads ADESTRapp under validation and implementation has achieved a high degree of satisfaction of athletes who have used.

This leads BALIDEA to continue betting on the technology and the evolution of the general tool and the specific versions of it:

R. C. DEPORTIVO de la Coruña

Its technical staff has implemented the system as usual in the matches of the first team in order to have more information for decision making through the FOOTBALL version of ADESTRapp.

Ramiro Amarelle, probably the best player in the history of beach soccer, participates with the project in the definition and validation of its functionalities. From the beginning, He uses ADESTRapp in the beach soccer activities that He develops, such as Campus RA10 School, with the F.C: Barcelona and in activities developed through FIFA.

Pablo Lopez, RC Deportivo de A Coruña U-18 Manager and main promoter of the initial idea, has been using the system since the beginning of the campaign, contributing information of great interest in the Third Division, where the availability of images of the matches is much smaller. He uses the FOOTBALL version.

Bernardo Romay, founder of JUDO CLUB CORUÑA, one of the reference gyms within the Spanish and international area, says ADESTRapp is a revolution in methods of training and competition, providing instant visual feedback. They apply the JUDO version.

JUDO AVILÉS TOURNAMENT. This international tournament is the world reference of the tournaments in Spain, being one with the most participation and number of tatamis. The ADESTRapp technology has been used and validated simultaneously on all tatamis in a satisfactory way.



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